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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grand Theft Life Daughter of Darkness, # 1

By: Katya Mills
This book blew me away!
It was  an amazing book. Every page brought me  in, needless to say a lot of all nighters were taken to finish this book.
If you like holly blacks New fairy series ( Valiant was my favorite)
You will definitely like this book as much as I did.
It's about:

Ame always knew she was different. The voices in her head reminded her all the time. Anti-psychotics couldn't stop them. Her abduction from her home to the underworld was foretold.
What seemed at first a nightmare, however, turns around. Her kidnapper, Freddy, actually has the heart to protect and care for her. And her new best friend, Bless, a tall and sarcastic American chick with a bastard for a boyfriend, reveals to her the hidden nature which is her birthright.
What follows is an extraordinary adventure in the heart of a contemporary American city. Ame is both intrigued and conflicted by the violent practices her people employ, to survive a culture of fear.
What choice does she have?
There is no going back! The alchemy is in her blood.
Some will live to tell. Others must die.
Guys you need to read this with no if ands or buts it's a really great book.
I highly recommend!
P.S these are my own opinions.

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